How to make website using wordpress

So why do we have to use a web for business. If we look at the home page will see what is the benefit of online business. Not only is it easy and very vital in today’s age we can also reach a possible worldwide of people’s interest. This time I will teach you how easy is it to make a website using WordPress as our CMS. CMS stands for Content management system.

WordPress is a very easy tool in creating our website.Matter of fact it is used by the whole world in displaying there own produced website. So how do we create one.

First we have to create a Domain name. What is a domain name? It is basically your URL the website you want to choose. www. is an example. Next is you have to get your own Domain and Hosting. What is this for? Domain is the website ‘s Url you wish to have while the hosting is the one that will host your website to be published world wide. So getting a hosting will come in a price. Lowest for this can come in 1 dollar per month which will cost you ~12 dollars per year. That is a relative small amount given that it you can have revenue in your business. Next up you have to setup account with the desired Hosting site you choose. (Typical examples are, etc) then after that an email will be sent to you for verification and you will enter Cpanel. In Cpanel you’ll find wordPress under installers. Click it and install your wordpress. Your login and password must have been present during Hosting logging.

Next you can cuztomize your Website. What are these? Themes, plugins and pictures of your choice will give life to your website. A default web page will come out at the beginning. But good thing about this you don’t need to program anymore  just like basic HTML. Instead you’ll just use the basic interface in Dashboard.

Themes- Will give life to your page just like what CSS can do. It gives the template of your desired website.

Plugins- will give your additional controls and settings to your website.