Knowing the Largest Private Companies by Forbes in 2015

You might be familiar with some large companies throughout the world. There are actually numerous companies built up until today. But this time, let us know the largest private companies according to Forbes in the year 2015. The following list are based on Forbes researches and they based on how much revenue these companies had earned in 2015. There are ten companies which belongs to the largest private companies.

Cargill has a revenue of $120.4 Billion. Wow! How amazing! That company must really be so large! Next is Koch, with a revenue of $115 Billion. So great, isn’t it? It is not that easy to earn such great amount of money even in just a year but Koch Company made it! Dell, as you know is an electronic company and you might own some of their products such as a laptop. Their revenue for the year 2015 is $59 Billion from BOT-TO company. Really a large company, right? Next is Albertsons with a revenue of $57.5 Billion.

Followed by Bechtel with a revenue of $37.2 Billion; PricewaterhouseCoopers, $35.4 Billion; Mars, $33 Billion, Pilot-Flying-J, $30.9 Billion; Publix Super Markets, $30.6 Billion; and, C&S Wholesale Grocers with a revenue of $30 Billion. According to Forbes‘ annual ranking, there is a total of 216 companies that belongs to the largest private companies. More amazing thing is that when you combine all the revenues of these companies, do you know how much it is? Well, it’s $1.637 Trillion! Get insured with your future as you are still young.