Every business needs and online presence. The recent research shows that nearly all online consumers ninety seven (97%) use online media when researching products and services even if the purchases is made offline. What does that mean for you the business owner it means that more than ever being online matters.  The research phase is critical time for connecting with potential customers but many business can’t be found online.  You may think why should I bother to open a website if my products have nothing to do with the internet, you already have plenty of customers.   Then why not? You should really bother doing it  as it help potential customers find your location and hours of your operation they can also find your telephone number  or email address and learn about your products and services.

Testimonials from customers can help establish your credibility and they can also learn special offers and promotions. This information can help even  the smallest local based business  connect with more customers online.
Think of your website as an open business sign on the internet but unlike your business your website is open 24/7. Here are a few things to think about before creating a website.

How much do you want to spend, how comfortable are you with computer and teaching yourself with new technology based skills and how often will you update or change your website content. There are a variety of paid and free web site services for getting your business online.

Now if you finish doing it. Google is a search engine that will make your website be visible to all the world. Easiest way to make your ranking and popularity high. Designing it very easy that you can do it in a half a day. (Visit the other page on tips how to design)

So start doing it now. Nothing will be lost but only gain!