Benefits of online business

Now building a community takes a huge amount of effort, it does not happen overnight, it’s something that takes a lot of commitment a lot of persistence and a lot of consistency in order to keep that great together and keep it growing, however it is well worth the effort and I can guarantee you, that once you’ve a community that’s thriving and growing and naturally and organically getting bigger and bigger and bringing new constant referrals and business you’ll be ever so glad that you invested the time into making this happen.

One of the first benefits is that you have a target audience if you’re bringing together, a group of people who were interested in your topic interested in your expertise, you no longer need this big scattergun approach to marketing, what lot of business owners do which is a very big mistake when it comes to marketing and custom thousands and thousands of dollars, is that they have to shout very loud across a very white space with their message with their marketing and advertising which is such a waste because the majority of those people are not their target audience.

Social media there’s a lot of sharing and posting of articles and sharing of newsletters. They’re sharing videos now if I’ve got two thousand friends on my face but can I share something of yours would just exposed yourself and your business. Through online business, you are bringing similar people together with similar interest, some people are frightened that there’s going to be this creation of competitiveness that there’s going to be competing businesses in the same space well actually that can be completely the opposite situation when it comes in communities, what we find when you bring experts together is that actually people begin to share the best.